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The latest trailer for 's Riddick just dropped - and it's awesome.

Once again, is "passin' through" the dark, barren alien universe and returning to his roots.

Here we see the R-rated Richard B. Riddick hunted by a group of barbarous mercenaries. He is, of course, captured. But the fortune hunters have bigger fish to fry. They must take down a host of bloodthirsty creatures, which attack at night. Will Riddick fight with them against this new enemy, or fight for himself as he has done in the past? See for yourselves:

The previous movies in the franchise, Pitch Black and Chronicles, didn't even seem to be set in the same universe, aside from having Riddick in them. Maybe this is a bridge movie that links the two previous ones.

Judging by this trailer, Riddick actually strikes me as more of a prequel to Pitch Back and I had fun catching the similarities to the movie of thirteen long years ago: The look-a-like, Riddick chained to the chair attempting to tug his way free, the hot girl with curly hair running from something... Since everyone liked Pitch Black, this is a smart move.

Okay, so the trailer doesn't provide much context for the overarching Riddick story and instead reminds us of the character's no-bullshit approach to butchering stuff. But, right from the get go, this Riddick trailer establishes some kick-ass atmosphere. Present are awesome Heavy Metal vibes, beautifully shot scenes, and the obligatory brutal nasties. And it seems as though the movie has the violence and scale of Pitch Black, but with the CGI and bright lighting of Chronicles.

Diesel's acting success has been a tumultous affair, but there's nothing keeping this tough guy down. In fact, this new look at Riddick makes it blindingly obvious that the third adventure of Diesel's signature character will be the Riddickiest one yet. Bring. It. On.

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