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We are entering the endgame on The Walking Dead. A bloody war between Woodbury and the prison is now inevitable and the loss of life is going to be huge. Last Sunday's episode, "Arrow on the Doorpost", saw the long-awaited showdown between Rick and the Governor and if you haven't done so already, go check out my Top 3 Unmissable Moments. It's quite good.

For the rest of us, it's that time of the week again where we put on our speculation hats and turn our gaze to the future. Here are my Top 3 things to look out for in Sunday's episode, "Prey".

The redemption of Andrea?

There's a reason Andrea decided to return to Woodbury with the Governor; I think she means to kill him. The problem is the Governor probably knows this as well. Shooting a walker in the head from 50 yards is very different to executing your former lover. Andrea will try to end it all, but will ultimately fail. Whether this costs her her own life, only time will tell.

The Killer Within: Part II

If you cast your mind back to Rick and the Governor's tete-a-tete, the Governor revealed that he knew about their huge haul of weapons at the prison. How? There's a spy in the prison ranks and he goes by the name of Merle. I think that he will try and convince Michonne to go with him to assassinate the Governor, only to betray her and hand her over to the cycloptic leader of Woodbury, so he can exact his bloody revenge.

The Governor Breaks Bad

We've seen glimpses of the Governor's nasty side, but we're still waiting for his defining moment of full-blown evilness. If I'm right about Merle, and he delivers Michonne to the Governor, the retribution he exacts on her for the death of Penny will be brutal, bloody and humiliating. This clip from the next episode shows the Governor preparing some kind of torture device. Unless he's suddenly decided on a career in dentistry, this chair means very bad news for whomever sits in it.

So, those are my suggestions for what could go down next week, it's now over to you guys. Do you agree, or am I way off the mark? What do you think is in store for us on Sunday? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, 9/8c on AMC.


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