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Last Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead, "Arrow on the Doorpost" continued the show's recent run of good form, as Rick and the Governor finally came face-to-face and Hershel walked around brandishing his assault rifle like Rambo's wise, one-legged Grandfather.

Andrea was on hand to take on the role of post-apocalyptic peace envoy, and tried to bring the two warring parties together. However, she was soon relegated to the position of onlooker as the two leaders/dictators/nut-jobs seemingly tried to prevent all out war.

Here are my Top 3 Unmissable Moments from "Arrow on the Doorpost". Have fun.

People just want to get along (unless you are a maniacal leader)

While Rick and the Governor faced off in the abandoned feed store, Daryl and Hershel got friendly with their Woodbury counterparts. Nothing brings people closer together than a good old fashioned zombie shoot-em-up, as Daryl and Caesar bonding by shooting, stabbing and bludgeoning walkers in the head. A less violent, but no less touching friendship developed between Hershel and Milton, with the later asking to see the old man's stump. Milton soon learned though that Hershel doesn't go to second base on the first date.

The Woodbury scientist has also taken it upon himself to make a record of events for future generations. The problem is that if Rick and the Governor continue their path to all out war, there probably won't be a future generation around to read it. There's a case to be made that killing both of them might actually benefit both sides in the long term.

Andrea is making it really hard for us to like her

Since shooting Daryl back in Season 2, Andrea has never been the most likable character, but this episode saw her sink to new levels of annoying. Firstly, she should stop asking people about the Governor and Maggie. How many times do you need to be told that your friend was assaulted?

It turns out that Andrea is also a bit of a tattletale, having told the Governor about the Shane/Lori/Rick love triangle and Judith's paternity, which led to this...

The Governor is a twisted genius

After being called the "town drunk who knocked over my fence and ripped up my yard" by Rick, the Governor responded with a zinger of his own by questioning the paternity of baby Judith and accusing Rick of "failing to see the devil beside you." Slammed!

The standout scene though, was the Governor recounting the story of losing his wife in a car crash, knowing that Rick had recently lost Lori. The Governor described how his wife had left him a message asking him to call back, "I sat there clutching that phone thinking, what did she want?" as a fake tear almost fell from his good eye. The smirk he gave at the end of the story, knowing that Rick was an emotional wreck, was devilishly evil. The Governor is bad-to-the-bone, but he makes great viewing.

That's about it from me, it's now over to you guys. What do you think were the top moments from the last episode? Drop your comments in the box below.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday 9/8c on AMC.


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