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The Walking Dead came to a dramatic climax on Sunday with the final episode of what's been a bloody, gruesome and wildly-entertaining Season 3. The Governor commenced his attack on the prison, Carl became a one-man, amoral killing machine and Andrea said her final goodbye. With the dust finally starting to settle and the spilled blood starting to dry, let's take a look at the three biggest talking points from "Welcome to the Tombs".

The war that never was

I don't know about you guys, but I found the season finale to be a big anti-climax. For weeks we'd been promised this all-out war between the Governor and his Woodbury minions and Rick and the survivors at the prison, but what we got instead was five minutes of shooting before the Woodbury residents (Woodburians?) beat a hasty retreat. It had started out so promisingly as the Governor's forces and there arsenal of heavy artillery laid waste to every walker in site. I watched on in glee (I'm weird that way) as zombies heads exploded in a hail of gunfire and the watchtowers were blown sky-high by grenade launchers. "Here we go," I thought "this shit's about to get real!" But quicker than you can say "I heart Daryl's poncho" the war was over and the Woodbury lot had fled. Seriously? After all this posturing and talk of all out war, the battle was won by Maggie and Glenn aiming a couple of shots in their general direction. What a cop out!

I understand that the guys over at Woodbury aren't trained soldiers but surely someone could have whispered to Martinez, "Hey dude, aim that big explodey grenade launcher thing at that guy hid behind the wooden pallets and that really flimsy chain fence. It will do some serious damage." Instead, at the first sign of trouble they were retreating faster than Napoleon from Moscow in 1812. (Take that 9th grade history teacher!)

Andrea annoyed me to the bitter end

I know I'm probably supposed to feel some sort of sadness at Andrea's death, but if I'm being honest I found Merle's demise more emotional, and he was a sweaty racist. Even in the final minutes of her life Andrea annoyed the hell out of me. I found myself yelling at the television as instead of trying to free herself from the chair and a soon-to-be reanimated Milton, she'd stop what she was doing, check he wasn't a zombie and then have a chat with him. Hasn't she ever heard of muli-tasking! I get that she wants to talk to the guy for a while longer before he croaks, but surely she could have done that while simultaneously trying to escape? And don't even get me started on the grabbing-pliers-with-feet scene. It was excruciating to watch.

I guess the reason I got so annoyed by the whole thing was because it was the season finale and we spent most of it watching Andrea try and pick up hand tools using her toes. Not cool.

Andrea, gone, and probably already forgotten.

No Country for Young Carl

The most interesting part of the episode for me was when Carl shot the guy from Woodbury who had fled the battle. Depending on your point of view he either did it in self defense or he's turning into a miniature version of Anton Chigurh. Best keep the cattle gun out of reach...

Carl has gazed into the abyss and what's gazing back is a kid who could be developing a taste for killing. It's a case of nurture over nature and Rick has got a serious challenge on his hands to stop him falling into the abyss completely.

So, all things considered, 'Welcome to the Tombs' was probably a weak finale to what has been a fantastic season, but even when it doesn't quite hit the heights we've come to expect, The Walking Dead still blows every other show on television out of the water.

I want to hear what you guys have to say now. What were your thoughts on the season finale? Drop your suggestions in the comment section below.


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