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The Walking Dead mid-season finale crammed a lot into its almost-90 minute run time, taking us across multiple settings and characters as we watched as Olivia and Spencer were killed, Daryl escapes and finally as Rick regained his sense of self, and decided it was time make a stand.

But even with all that going on, the show couldn't resist leaving us with a mystery going into the mid-season break, and as such we were introduced the a mysterious person known only by their distinctive boots:

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Not only did the boots-wearer show up while Rick and Aaron were pillaging the doomsday prepper's houseboat of all its wares, but also appeared outside Alexandria, in their own special post-credits scene at the very end of the episode:

So far the mysterious figure has kept a careful distance, but it is rather worrying that they not only know (vaguely) who Aaron and Rick are, and that they've been scavenging, but also that they know exactly where Alexandria is.

Boots is sure to be revealed in season 7b, but for now take a look below to see a list of possible people who could be wearing that unique footwear:

A Savior

These particularly Saviors are scouting no one... [AMC]
These particularly Saviors are scouting no one... [AMC]

Perhaps most obvious answer is that the boots simply belonged to a scout for the Saviors who was out watching Rick's whereabouts so he could report back to Negan. However Negan's men don't seem particularly adept at tracking, and given that they also already know where Alexandria is, it would seem silly to show them keeping watch over Alexandria at night time.

A random lone survivor

The lone survivor from Season 5, Episode 16 [AMC]
The lone survivor from Season 5, Episode 16 [AMC]

Another decent possibility is that the mystery person is simply a hardy lone survivor staking out whether or not the people of Alexandria could be useful for either supplies, or possibly a new home. Though these days it seems like lone wolf survivors are few and far between, we know that the houseboat owner lived alone for a significant amount of time, there was also the guy in the red raincoat from Season 5 and hell even Eastman and Morgan survived alone for quite a while.

An oceanside scout

The Oceanside ladies [AMC]
The Oceanside ladies [AMC]

There's no doubt we'll see more of the Oceanside group in the future, and it's not like they exactly trusted Tara's story of simply traveling with one other survivor. So it makes sense that one of the Oceanside gals would be out tracking Tara and her group, especially it were Cyndie, Natania's granddaughter who wasn't particularly happy with Oceanside's "kill all" policy.

A scout for another group

Aaron was the scout for Alexandria [AMC]
Aaron was the scout for Alexandria [AMC]

With so many new communities having already been introduced in Season 7, why not chuck one more in the mix?! While there's no other communities in the comic series that a new community could be based on, the TV series has taken care to branch out from the source material when appropriate so perhaps this boots character is an example of that. As with any new community though, the question remains: Are they friends or foe?


Morales and Rick way back in Season 1 [AMC]
Morales and Rick way back in Season 1 [AMC]

And last but not least, the dream that burns inside us all: The mystery person is actually Morales from way back in Season 1.

As you'll remember Morales was a member of the original Atlanta survivors camp, but left the group with his family in Episode 5 in the hopes of locating family in Birmingham, Alabama. Since then we've heard nothing from the family (not surprising given the state of the world), meaning as likely as it is that the family were all killed just miles into their quest, it's possible that they survived but somehow never made it to Alabama and instead settled near to Alexandria. I'll admit it's unlikely, but then again so is the zombie apocalypse!

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 9 and the second half of Season 7b in February, 2017.


Who do you think the boots belonged to?


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