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When Heath disappeared in Episode 6 of The Walking Dead, he left little trace of where he might have gone. While many put this down to the fact that he had probably fled the group in order to strike out on his own, after an eagle-eyed fan recently paid close attention to one of the last scenes in which we saw Heath, it looks as though he may have been either rescued or abducted by a mystery person.

Pointing to the scene where Heath and Tara were trapped on the bridge, The Spoiling Dead Fans forum user, Broski highlighted a very quick appearance from what looks to be a woman with short, grey hair. The woman was hard to spot as she only showed up briefly among the other figures. However given that she looks nothing like any of the other walkers in the scene and also move differently to the undead, Broski believes she was very much alive and that her quick appearance could be a clue to Heath's whereabouts. Check it out:

Hath looked to be accompanied by a grey-haired woman [Credit: AMC]
Hath looked to be accompanied by a grey-haired woman [Credit: AMC]

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Broksi was quick to offer up the simple explanation that the woman's appearance was a filming error, and was never intended to make it into the final cut, but there's the possibility that we got a quick peek at the person who later either saved or abducted Heath.

You'll remember this scene wasn't actually the final time we saw Heath in the episode, with a flashback later revealing that Heath did return to help Tara escape, though the last we saw of him he was trapped on the roof of a car, surrounded by walkers.

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Later on, Tara found Heath's crushed glasses on the ground near tire tracks and a card with "PPP" written on it, indicating that he had some how survived (perhaps with the help of this woman) and left the scene.

Given the crushed glasses and the card, which we'd never seen in Heath's possession before, there's definitely evidence to suggest he was abducted. And with a new community about to be introduced in Season 7b (the community where the mysterious "Boots" presumably comes from) perhaps there's even a strong lead as to where Heath was taken.

What do you reckon, was Heath rescued, abducted or made his own escape?

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What do you think happened to Heath?

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