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The Vampire Diaries centenary is almost upon us but hot new gossip just keeps on breaking about this bonanza episode.

Just when you thought no more news could possibly be coming our way, it has been revealed that hot-tempered Tyler will be gracing our screens once more.

The Character played by was last seen breaking Caroline's () heart into tiny fragments before heading down to New Orleans to get his grizzly revenge on Klaus. After his failed attempt at infanticide, Tyler was marched down to Marcel's 'garden' to rot with the other untrustworthy members of the undead. Lucky for us eye candy aficionados, the sly hybrid has somehow managed to escape.

Tyler and Caroline during happier times

Who knows what havoc everyone's favourite wolf-boy will wreak upon the residents of Mystic Falls but his return is sure to bring a whirlwind of drama to The Vampire Diaries.

What do you think Tyler return means for Mystic Falls? Can any good possibly come of it?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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