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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Cast your mind back to endless summers listening to Blink-182. Aliens existed and going away to college seemed a long way off. Now, even eternal kids Blink-182 are older, but that pop punk love never died.

In a recent "Flash Frame" series for Spotify celebrating the careers of some long-serving musicians, Blink-182 released a video for their new song "She's Out of Her Mind." The twist is that the new vid is a genderbent, shot-for-shot remake of their iconic "What's My Age Again" video. It's a clever bit of sexy nostalgia — HOT-stalgia?! — and totally worth checking out for fans of the band and/or naked ladies.

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The cast include internet celebs Hannah Stocking, Vale Genta and Lele Pons, and you may have noticed Adam DeVine popping up in the "sexy nurse" role. Here's the original "What's My Age Again" video if you wanna view the vids concurrently.

Do you guys still listen to Blink-182 now? Thoughts on the new video?


What's my age again?


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