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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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Being a voice over actor is very much like being the Wizard of Oz. Hidden behind a giant curtain and distinguishable only by an awe-inspiring voice, the minute you step out from behind the great screen, you are virtually anonymous. Where some more fame-hungry voice actors would consider this a curse, however, some see this as a unique gift, enabling them to use the element of surprise to their advantage.

Nancy Cartwright, perhaps one of the most famous voice actors in the world, falls into the latter category. The voice of Bart Simpson, Nancy was filmed interacting with a 13-year-old school kid who was trying to sell chocolate bars outside a mall and when he worked out who she was, his jaw hit the ground.

'The Simpsons' [Credit: Fox]
'The Simpsons' [Credit: Fox]

'I'm Bart Simpson, Put It Here Man'

Upon exiting a mall, Nancy Cartwright spotted the young kid trying to sell boxes of chocolates to win a chance to ride in a limo with his brother. Set with the task of selling 7 boxes, he'd so far managed to sell 6 and was close to completing his goal. After asking the 13-year-old what grade he was in at school, Nancy then flipped in to 'Bart mode' and told the boy:

"I'm 10 and I go to Springfield Elementary."

Obviously seeming at this point like she had a few screws lose, Nancy quickly followed this up with:

"I'm Bart Simpson, put it here there man."

An incredibly confused fist-bump ensued.

'That's A Really Good Impression...Oh...Wait'

[Credit: Youtube @Nancy Cartwright]
[Credit: Youtube @Nancy Cartwright]

After bumping fists, the young boy told Nancy that she did a really good Bart impression, Nancy laughed and proceeded to joke around with him, asking:

"Do you know the guy that does it? Do you know who does the voices on that show?"

The boy responded by saying that he didn't and so Nancy went in for one more impression, hoping that the penny would drop. It did, and it's magnificent. Slipping once again into Bart-mode, Nancy asked the budding fundraiser to shake her hand all in Bart's voice, and it's at this moment that he finally realized that he was shaking hands with Bart Simpson.

Nancy Buys 10 Chocolate Bars From The Boy & Drives Off Into The Sunset

[Credit: Youtube @Nancy Cartwright]
[Credit: Youtube @Nancy Cartwright]

Doing her bit to help the kid get his chance to ride in a limo, Nancy purchased 10 of his chocolate bars, gave him a huge hug then drove off — but not before giving him a signed autograph as proof that he met Bart Simpson. What a woman!


How many chocolate bars would you eat for a chance to meet Nancy Cartwright?


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