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Move over, Coca-Cola and Wes Anderson — with your perfectly shot H&M seasonal commercials — we've got our 2016 Christmas advertisement winner right here. It's been 12 years since Jon Heder interpretively danced his way into our hearts and Efren Ramirez asked us to vote for Pedro in the iconic cult film .

Now, the two main stars of the film have been reunited on screen for a brand new Burger King ad.

What Are They Advertising?

Tater tots, of course.

The Burger King advert is a throwback to one of the more infamous scenes from the -produced hit, where Napoleon refuses to share his tater tots with a classmate.

Fast forward 12 years and it looks like his attitude towards sharing hasn't changed much, even with his good buddy.

Freakin' idiot.

What do you think of this celebrity reunion?


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