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Fee Fi Fo Fum, NBC smells the blood of a cancelled TV series. In this case it's the supernatural detective show Grimm, which has now been confirmed to end after the upcoming Season 6, set to begin airing January 6, 2017.

The final season was announced yesterday via the official NBC Grimm Twitter account, which confirmed that next year's season will be the last outing for the ensemble cast.

What Will We See In Season 6?

Nick vs. Renard

Season 6 will conclude the Black Claw story [NBC]
Season 6 will conclude the Black Claw story [NBC]

When Grimm first set out, the major antagonist was set up to be Sasha Roiz's Sean Renard — half-Zauberbiest, Portland Police Captain, and boss of newly christened Grimm Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli). After a mutual accord of sorts was struck between the, two they've existed in a space of cooperation, and perhaps even friendship. The 13-episode Season 6 is going to change all that, bringing the narrative back to Nick vs. the now Mayor Renard after the events of Season 5.

With Renard now in power as Mayor of Portland, Nick will have to put everything he has left on the line to protect his city and his loved ones from the scheming half-Wesen. And there's more at stake now than ever now, in the form of Kelly Schade-Burkhardt — his infant child with enemy-turned-kinda-ally Adalind Schade (Claire Coffee), conceived under the effects of the potion that robbed Nick of his Grimm powers and turned his love Juliette Silverton (Bitsie Tulloch) into a hexenbiest.

A New Bundle Of Joy

Grimm has always had a way with bringing children into the mix, ever since Adalind and Renard's child, Diana (Hannah R. Loyd), became the center of the Royal Families' war. And there's another coming to join the party in Season 6, as Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee Calvert (Bree Turner) prepare for the birth of their first child — and struggle with the consequences of bringing new life into their difficult and dangerous world. You know a half Fuchsbau, half Blutbad kid is gonna be adorable though.

Nick & Eve

Who is Eve, really? [NBC]
Who is Eve, really? [NBC]

And finally, we're not forgetting Eve (Bitsie Tulloch) — a new character in the guise of an old face. Though she might have claimed to no longer be Juliette, the memory of this former life still lurks below the surface, and Season 6 will see her having to reconcile which part of her is still Juliette, and which is Eve. And then of course there's the whole Nick/Adalind mess to deal with...

Why We Will Miss Grimm

It's a bittersweet farewell for the little show that could, a series that inspired a passionate fanbase through its interweaving of classic supernatural and fairy-tale themes with contemporary human drama built around the core cast and characters.

What other show can offer you... this thing? [NBC]
What other show can offer you... this thing? [NBC]

An oft-lighter antidote to other shows of its ilk, Grimm regardless did bring the pain when it was needed — particularly when it came to the Juliette/Eve storyline winding its way through Seasons 4 and 5. Grimm was always loved for the way it balanced the supernatural and the human, one of the few successful shows to do so.

But, the ending of the show could be a good thing. It's difficult to keep up quality on a network show like Grimm for more than about six or seven seasons. Even HBO's wildly popular Game of Thrones is choosing to bow out soon, with two shorter installments rounding out Seasons 7 and 8. After hitting its 100th episode in Season 5, Grimm is taking to the stage one final time for its swan song.

The cast of Grimm at the 100th episode celebration [NBC]
The cast of Grimm at the 100th episode celebration [NBC]

The main storyline running through Grimm since the very beginning is starting to tie together toward a conclusion, wrapping the show up in a rounded package. It's the old adage — quit while you're ahead, leave something memorable behind. The final season sounds like the grand culmination of everything that has come before it, and we can't wait to see what Grimm leaves behind.

Do you think the time is right for Grimm to bow out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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