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Jennifer Geacone-Cruz

Now that has traded in his Tudor crown for Victorian fangs for NBC's upcoming Dracula 10-episode miniseries, the plot calls for some love interests to spice things up.

Already, has been cast as main love interest, Mina. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that (About a Boy) is cast to play Lady Jane, a woman who pursues Meyers' Alan Grayson, aka Dracula, posing as an American man of science. Lady Jane is described as a " fashion-forward graceful and beautiful woman"; this love triangle will most likely add a sexy new dimension to the already revamped story.

Other names attached to the show include (Merlin) and (Game of Thrones). Dracula will be headed up by Carnivale creator , so expectations are mounting with the show already skipping over the pilot phase.

Dracula is tentatively set to air in Fall 2013 on NBC.


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