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NBC is back on the reboot trend and this time their target is The Munsters. It has now been confirmed that our favorite monster family will be back on the silver screen — but they're moving to Brooklyn. Deadline reports that NBC is in the process of rebooting the original television series, which ran for a total of 70 episodes. Actor/comedian/late-night host Seth Meyers is set to produce the reboot along with Jill Kargman. It is said the reboot will still follow the wacky tone of the original sitcom but with a change of setting to the New York neighborhood.

The beloved "fish out of water" sitcom first aired in the 1960s and featured a family of gentle monsters who dealt with common issues in their own odd way. The Munsters featured a Frankenstein-like father in Herman (Fred Gwynne), his vampire wife, Lily (Yvonne De Carlo), a Dracula-esque Grandpa (Al Lewis), and werewolf son, Eddie (Butch Patrick), along with a normal human niece named Marilyn (Pat Priest). The kooky family resided in a decrepit house as part of a fictional California town, Mockingbird Heights.

Credit: CBS Television
Credit: CBS Television

Diehard fans might be apprehensive to this news especially since networks have been so quick to classic shows rather than come up with original material. This also isn't the first time there was an attempted reboot as The Munsters Today ran for 72 episodes between 1988 and 1991. There was also a NBC reboot in development from Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller back in 2012 titled Mockingbird Lane which would have been a darker take on the series but the plans were canceled.

Viewers will be eager to see what kind of fresh take this reboot has on the original but like with any remake or revival, fans will be quick to judge on a higher level. There are certainly no more classic projects left that Hollywood isn't dying to bring back.

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