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Mark Newton

The recent toy fairs in both London and New York have thrown out a whole heap of new movie merchandise and toys.

It seems NECA have certainly been busy, as they are behind many of the action figurines from major blockbuster movies which have appeared at the fairs. We recently heard how NECA would soon be releasing the first ever figures of Alien's Ellen Ripley, and now we've got more sci-fi goodness with pictures of their Pacific Rim products.

NECA have continued their Pacific Rim line with new figures of Jaegers (including Coyote Tango, Cherno Alpha and Gypsey Danger) and Kaiju (Trespasser and Knifehead). Check them out below:

We're not sure if these are only figures being released as part of NECA's Pacific Rim Series 3 line, but they're currently the only images we can find.

Pacific Rim currently has an unknown future. It seems like work on developing a Pacific Rim 2 script has already begun, although we're still waiting for Legendary to officially greenlight the project. For a while, it seemed like a lackluster box officer performance had limited the possibilities of a Pacific Rim 2. Luckily, it seems like the Chinese market came to the rescue, pushing Pacific Rim's takings beyond its budget, and hopefully making a sequel more likely.

What do you think? Do you want to see Jaeger and Kaiju battle again in Pacific Rim 2? Let us know below.



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