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The North may remember, but Game of Thrones's probably doesn't - at least not with the amount he's been drinking lately.

Bean, who's known for playing Eddard Stark in Season One of the HBO show, has reportedly been barred from his local watering hole for being rowdy.

According to a regular at the pub, the British thesp was told he was no longer welcome in The Washington after he allegedly argued with patrons on a recent visit. The Sun is reporting that a regular at the bar commented, saying:

He'd come in from time to time and the locals would crowd around him. He'd drink throughout the evening and was known to have run-ins with drinkers. Then one night he was going over the top. He was acting inappropriately, so he was barred.

It's not the first time Bean has encountered a real-life booze-fuelled brawl. His recent ban from The Washington in North London comes two years after he was stabbed outside a pub in the same area whilst defending his lady friend (Playboy model April Summers), before ordering another drink. The Game of Thrones star made a living on the HBO show hanging around stabbings and topless women all day. Why should his life now be any different?

Bean being banned for rowdy behaviour totally fits the image of him I've formed in my head. The guy seems like he'd be fun as hell to drink with, even if bar staff aren't amused. Would you like to share a beer with Ned Stark? Or is this guy is more trouble than he's worth? Let me know what you think in the comment section below!



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