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As Need for Speed rapidly approaches the big screen, I thought I'd take the opportunity to talk about how ridiculously freaking AWESOME the soundtracks have ALWAYS been.

Since the 90s, Need for Speed has consistently provided us with a whole batch of tracks that perfectly hit the spot, whether we're clutching the controller, driving (for real), chilling or dancing or rocking out or WHATEVER.

Here's a taste of Need for Speed through the ages:

1) Rom Di Prisco: "Bring That Beat Back", from High Stakes ('99)


Electronica meets hip hip meets trance meets rock meets totally freaking nutso track that'll get your adrenaline skyrocketing.

2) Rush: One Little Victory, from Hot Pursuit 2 ('02)


Straight up rock n' roll with a touch of new wave, reggae, synth, alt and tons of other stuff that makes Rush...well...Rush.

3) Static X: "The Only", from Underground ('03)


Warning: If uncontrollably prone to spontaneous moshing, do not listen in a public setting.

4) Rob Zombie: "Two-Lane Blacktop", from Underground ('03)


Want the edge without the metal? Meet the track you'll be playing on repeat. For a long time.

5) Chingy: "I Do", from Underground 2 ('04)


Want some beats? Here's some Chingy.

6) Rise Against: "Give it All", from Underground 2 ('04)


What to BLAST with rolled down windows when you're feeling moody.

6) Queens of the Stone Age: "In My Head", from Underground 2 ('04)


For all you grungy rockers rockin' plaid.

7) Avenged Sevenfold: Blinded in Chains, from Most Wanted ('05)


Since all you metalheads can never get enough.

8) T.I. Presents The P$C: "Do Ya Thang", from Most Wanted ('05)


When you got the urge to pop and lock no one' got your back like T.I.

9) Sine Language (Featuring LMFAO): "The Crystal Method", from Nitro ('09)


Super cool track that's super groovy no matter what mood you're in.

10) Major Lazer Feat. Mr. Lex & Santigold: "Hold the Line", from Nitro ('09)


Totally wild, totally awesome, totally wanna dance right now.

11) The Naked and Famous: "Bright Lights", from Rivals ('13)


Edgy garage track with poppy undertones and some serious ATTITUDE.

12) Bastille: "Pompeii" (Kat Krazy Remix), from Rivals ('13)


You've heard it on the radio. A lot. Here's a remix.

13) Linkin Park - Castle Of Glass (Mike Shinoda Remix), from Rivals ('13)


In typical Linkin Park fashion, it's dark, moody and intense but still makes you wanna rock your brains out.

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