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Warning: if you don't want to be get sprayed with spoilers from The Walking Dead comics and TV show alike, especially the Season 7 premiere, then turn back now!

Back in April, I sat you all down and had a talk about Negan and Carl, and how their friendship played out in the comics. At the point the show is at, when the comics were at the same point, Carl was a wee bit...more wee. Take a gander at him!

Crap, sorry. Wrong issue.

Take a look at Carl from the comics around the time Negan showed up:

And Carl from the show at the same time:

The Carl from the comics looks more like this kid from the show:

So the Carl/Negan friendship, if that's what you could call it, in the comics will probably be quite a bit different than in the show. But some of the differences, IMHO, are going to be wicked awesome, thanks to the show amping up Negan's murderous side. Allow me to explain!

Negan In The Comics Is A Kitten Compared To What He'll Be Like In The Show

Seriously, though. If you don't know what I'm talking about, trying checking out some of the comics during the reign of Negan, and you'll see that while he was a murdering, bad joke-telling psychopath, like in the show, in the comics, he almost makes it look fun. Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan? Not so much.

Remember when Rick told Negan he was going to kill him after Negan killed Glenn and Abraham in the show? Negan took Rick on a road trip, brought him back, and used his son to break Rick like a twig. He was a crying, grovelling mess in front of his entire crew. In the comics?

After Rick threatened , Negan knocked him around a bit, verbally threatened his kid, and called it a day. Pretty much child's play compared to the events of "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be."

Not forgetting, of course, that Glenn dying in the comics turned into Glenn and Abraham in the show. If that's not a promise of double the gore, then I don't know what is.

Negan And Carl: The Beginning Of Something Weird

In the comics and the premiere, we get to witness this exchange (but with less profanity on the show):

But from there, I'm going to guess it's going to get a whole lot darker — Carl's older on the show, and he had to put his own mother down. Negan expressed the same interest in Carl in the now famous lineup, but it was this scene will pretty much solidify Negan's creepy obsession with how badass Carl really is:

Not happening in the comics, this scene is the moment that breaks Rick into a million pieces. Glenn's eye, Abraham's nut sucking comment...not even the axe retrieving road trip could help rid Rick of his "f-you" attitude. But knowing he'll have to chop Carl's arm off, or lose everyone? That made him understand.

Read more:

Instead of Carl being reduced to a blubbering pile of man goo like his father, he simply tells his dad to just do it.

Negan had to be thinking, holy crap, that kid and I have GOT to hang out, and soon. Which, if Carl attempts to assassinate Negan — as he did soon after Glenn's death in the comics — Negan'll get his wish! Here's comics Carl ambushing Negan and his men with one big ass gun.

Let's just hope big TV Show Carl will be able to handle that big of a gun. Tiny little Comics Carl could barely lift the damn thing up.

How much are you looking forward to Negan and Carl's odd little bromance, if there will be one? Let me know down below!


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