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There are certain things guaranteed to happen when returns from its summer hiatus each year: B-list characters die, Rick Grimes finds fresh ways to fuck up, cool characters from the comics show up to make life difficult for the Alexandria crew, and Rick's hand remains stubbornly attached to his arm.


The Season 7 premiere seemed to present a prime opportunity for said hand to be savagely removed by , but Rick's run of good luck continued as Negan instead challenged him to cut off Carl's hand, before ultimately calling Handgate to an end. Sure, we got to see Glenn and Abraham battered to death by Lucille, gore quota fulfilled, but the episode raised the question...

Will Rick Ever Lose His Damn Hand?

The Walking Dead's exec producer Gale Ann Hurt spoke to Entertainment Tonight this weekend about the reasoning behind Negan's decision to save the hands of both father and son:

"It was the mind game that Negan is playing with them. It's much more brutal mentally for Negan to threaten Carl — to threaten Rick's son — than it was to threaten Rick himself. Rick should have manned up and said, 'OK, take it. If it's going to save someone, then take my hand.' It's much different when he's threatening his sons' hand, so that was really the decision."

'The Walking Dead' issue #28
'The Walking Dead' issue #28

In the comics, of course, it was The Governor rather than Negan who made Rick left-handed during their very first encounter (issue #28), and you might wonder if the time has passed now for the iconic limb loss ever to make its way onto the screen. Considering Rick is front and centre in the show, the CGI work needed might be driving the decision not to chop the hand off.

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Let's be real, though — we won't be satisfied until Rick Grimes has one thumb, four fingers and a whole new dose of humility.

The Walking Dead Season 7 continues Sunday night on AMC with 'The Cell'. Check out the trailer below.

Would you give your right arm to see Rick Grimes lose that damn hand?



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