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Warning: This article contains major spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 3 "The Cell."

Ever since fan-favorite Daryl Dixon was taken by Negan and the Saviors, we all knew that he would be in for one hell of a terrible experience. And we were right — this weeks' episode "The Cell" gave us an insight into both the physical and mental torture that Daryl had been forced to endure during his imprisonment.

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Furthermore, we also saw how he eventually succumbed to his grief and his feelings of guilt for what happened to Glenn. And all of this has made his experience so much worse. However, despite the inhumane living conditions he was forced to remain in, he was given the opportunity to free himself. But Daryl being Daryl stood steadfast in his approach and refused to bow to Negan. And this is the reason why I think he will end up doing just that.

It Is The Only Way Out

Negan offered Daryl three options — end up dead and his walker body would be placed on a spike behind the fence, work for points and wish he was dead or work for Negan and live like a king. While none of those options are necessarily ideal for Daryl, the third one sounds like it may be the only legitimate way for Daryl to make it out of this alive.

Daryl feels guilty for what he did to Glenn. (via AMC)
Daryl feels guilty for what he did to Glenn. (via AMC)

Despite refusing Negan's offers and ignoring Dwight's pleas, there will come a time when Daryl Dixon will join the Saviors. But don't get me wrong, I am not suggesting that they will break him — because he won't be broken — he will do it to survive. Becoming a Savior and working under Negan's rule may be the last thing Daryl wants to do, but there are privileges that come with it. And he's going to need those privileges if he ever wants to return to Alexandria again.

All we have to do is look at Dwight — the man who already betrayed Negan before. Although he did suffer for it both physically and mentally, Negan allows him to leave their sanctuary on whichever mission he sends them to, knowing that he will come back. After being locked up inside the cell, and emotionally tortured with the loud music playing outside, Daryl will certainly crave that freedom. But that's not why he will join the Saviors. He will join Negan in order to be granted said freedom and when the time is right, we will either make a run for it, or strike. One way or another, Daryl will become a Savior and in doing so, he will end up making them regret giving him the freedom in the first place.

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Negan Has Taken A Shine To Him

For some reason, Negan has taken quite the shine to Daryl, so much so that even his right-hand man Dwight has noticed it. And if you look back to the Season 7 premiere, you can even see that when he kidnaps Daryl, he gleefully laughs at how his name suits him.

Dwight noticed how Negan seems to like Daryl. (via AMC)
Dwight noticed how Negan seems to like Daryl. (via AMC)

Despite having the freedom to kill him whenever he pleased, Negan allowed Daryl to stay alive. Moreover, he caught him escaping and, despite threatening him with Lucille, never followed through with killing him. Finally, he offered him the chance to become a Savior one more time, and Daryl still refused. And shockingly, Negan returned him to his cell. Despite multiple threats of death, Negan never once followed through. And this only just confirms Dwight's claims — Negan really has taken a shine to Daryl.

And Daryl could use this to his advantage. If Negan likes him too much, he just may let his guard down around him. All Daryl has to do is accept his offer to join him. And by joining him, he may eventually get the bat-swinging tyrant to trust him. Becoming one of his right-hand men just like Dwight will grant him access and knowledge to the way things work in Negan's camp. And this knowledge could be very dangerous in the wrong hands. If Daryl were to learn everything he could about the way things worked, he could single-handedly destroy the camp before they even noticed.

Becoming one of the elite few that Negan trusts, would allow Daryl to get close to him and in doing so, he could have an opportunity to take him out.

To Get Vengeance For Glenn

Daryl blames himself for Glenn's death. (via AMC)
Daryl blames himself for Glenn's death. (via AMC)

Daryl may blame himself for Glenn's death, but there is one person more responsible for it than anyone — Negan. No matter if he remains prisoner or becomes a Savior, Daryl is on the inside now. And being on the inside may be the place he's most likely to get revenge for his fallen friend.

Daryl is an expert marksman with his crossbow and being in Dwight's close company would allow him the perfect opportunity to get access to it. Taking out a few of Negan's main henchmen would certainly be a way for Daryl to get revenge for what they all did to Glenn. A few shots here and there would significantly hinder Negan's team and their plans. All Daryl has to do is wait for the perfect opportunity and take as many of them down as possible.

This week's installment of The Walking Dead conveyed the sheer which Daryl felt when he saw the photograph of what had happened to Glenn. And while he may blame himself for what happened, it's possible that he could use it as motivation to take down Negan and all of the Saviors. With Negan taking a shine to him and offering him a way out, Daryl could use all of this as an opportunity to destroy those who took his friend from him and free himself at the same time. All he has to do is bow down to Negan.

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