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Warning: This article contains major spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 3 "The Cell."

This week's installment of The Walking Dead once again had no problem highlighting the extent of what Negan was capable of. We watched with while the Season 7 premiere revealed how physically dangerous he was — in one of the most graphic scenes we had ever seen on — but "The Cell" relayed his ability to destroy people mentally. And we're not just talking about what he did to Daryl.

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One character who I think we all ended up feeling a surprising amount of sympathy for was Negan's apparent right-hand man Dwight. And it had a lot to do with his experiences with both Negan and Daryl, as we found out a great deal about him.

Throughout the course of the episode, we began to realize that if prisoner Daryl didn't comply, he could very well end up suffering a few fates worse than death. And the person responsible for giving him this advice was Dwight. And after we discovered exactly what this man had been through, it became clear that Dwight very well could be the one who finally takes Negan down.

He Hasn't Forgotten What Negan Did To Him

Ever since the character resurfaced with the burns on his face, we all found ourselves wondering what had happened to him. Well, this week we found that out, and so much more. His original escape was punished by Negan with an iron to the face. But as harrowing as that brutality was, one could argue that the worse punishment was what happened to his wife. To add major insult to brutal injury, Negan himself married Dwight's "super hot wife" as punishment. And according to Negan, this punishment was enough to absolve "D" of his sins and he once again became his right-hand man.

Negan punished Dwight, both physically and mentally for his initial betrayal. (via AMC)
Negan punished Dwight, both physically and mentally for his initial betrayal. (via AMC)

Now there is no way in hell that Dwight has forgotten what Negan has done to both him and his wife. All you had to do was look at the awkward moment between the two to know that she's never going to be the same again. Furthermore, the fact that Negan told this horrific story to Daryl with such glee in front of Dwight himself just proves what kind of man he is. And you can rest assured that this got to the man who endured all of this suffering first hand.

With all that pent-up aggression festering inside him, there will come a day when Dwight finally snaps and decides to pay Negan back for all that he has done. Negan has taken everything from a lot of people and this week we found out that his right-hand man wasn't exempt from that. Additionally, the fact that Dwight has had to remain by Negan's side is just another slap in the face — getting up close and personal with Negan is simply a reminder of everything that he has lost, and Negan's way of reminding him of what happens to those who leave him. And one day, Dwight will fight to reclaim what he has lost. One day, Dwight will show Negan what he is capable of.

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His Sudden Importance As A Character

While he did have a relatively significant role last season due to his rivalry with Daryl, Dwight was still only one of Negan's Saviors who would appear on the show when it was necessary to somebody else's storyline. However, this week's episode highlights that Dwight has become one of this season's most integral characters. From the beginning of the episode, we instantly noticed the heavy focus on the character. And when he ran into his former wife Sherry in the infirmary, we knew that something major had gone between the two of them — especially when they discussed the pregnancy test.

Rear view mirror: Dwight is mentally tortured by what Negan has done. (via AMC)
Rear view mirror: Dwight is mentally tortured by what Negan has done. (via AMC)

Throughout the episode, Dwight grew as a character. And as he grew, we found ourselves caring about him a little bit more each time. Even though he may not have said it, his brief conversations with Daryl illustrated the guilt he felt over his sister-in-law's death during his last escape. When he tracked down the "grab and go" assailant and threatened to kill him if he didn't go back, the man told him that there was nothing back there. And all we had to do was look at Dwight to know that it was true — he knew there was nothing back there either.

For how much longer will Dwight kneel before Negan? (via AMC)
For how much longer will Dwight kneel before Negan? (via AMC)

This week's episode went to great lengths to highlight all that Dwight has been in through during his time as a Savior. And the person responsible for all of this is Negan. While he still defended their leader to the runaway Savior, it was clear that he was wrestling with those same doubts within — and has been doing so for a very long time. And I have a feeling that it won't be much longer until those doubts manifest in the form of a retaliation against his leader.

Dwight's sudden importance as a character makes him one of the many possibilities as the one who will take Negan down. He has earned a spot on that list, putting his name right up there with the likes of Maggie, Rick, Sasha and Daryl. Moreover, actor Austin Amelio has been promoted to a series regular this season so Dwight's not going anywhere anytime soon.

He Has Nothing To Lose

If it wasn't clear beforehand, it certainly is now — of all the characters who want to destroy Negan, Dwight is the one who just might fight with nothing held back, because he has got nothing to lose. His error claimed the life of his sister-in-law during their previous escape and as far as he's concerned, he already lost his wife to the bat-swinging tyrant.

Dwight has nothing to lose. (via AMC)
Dwight has nothing to lose. (via AMC)

We already know that Negan has taken everything from him — including his wife and his own self-worth — and to make matters worse, he made him stick that much closer to him as a constant reminder of what he is capable of. However, the most dangerous thing about a man whom you have taken everything from is that when that man fights back — he's fighting with nothing left to lose. And it's pretty clear that one day Dwight will stand up to the man who took everything from him and attempt to reclaim it.

"The Cell" was most definitely an enlightening episode, particularly for Dwight, and it allowed us to understand exactly what is going on his head. Everything her had endured at Negan's hands has made him too scared to do anything about. However, eventually everything that Negan has done to Dwight will catch up to him, and someday, somewhere he will get him comeuppance. And he might not even see it coming — especially if it's from his right-hand man. Dwight will strike back, it's only a a matter of time.

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