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Get ready for the most obvious statement in the history of statements...the biggest spoiler from universe is below.

After months of speculation, article after article after article of fans trying to predict which of Rick's crew Negan murdered, it's all over. And who died will probably tick off everyone who tried to pick apart all the clues, only to find out it was who everyone originally thought it would be.

Click below if you want to finally know who got Lucille'd.

Glenn...dammit! And Abraham. But this is about Glenn.

If you haven't jumped up from where you're sitting (I hope you were sitting down) and headed downtown to start rioting, here are some of the greatest moments of our favorite farm girl-claiming, pocket watch-inheriting pizza delivery boy.

The Lucky

The Awkward

The Nick Buffet

The Fake-Out Heard 'Round The World

The Badassery

The Sadnessery

And A Shower Scene, With Johnny Cash (Singing)

The comics said it would be Glenn, but so many of us fought all summer to find a reason for it not to be him. From the blanket on the ground, to the can of Orange Crush soda, in the end, it was his busted-up pocket watch mixed in with his dura matter and frontal lobe.

The moment he and Maggie hooked up will always be my favorite Glenn scene: “Why you got them condoms?” “Oh, uh, stammer stammer.” “Am I not pretty? LET'S HAVE SEX. NOW.”

Okay, so it didn't quite go down like that, but you could probably hear a collective cheer from TWD fans when he and Mags got down and dirty on the drug store floor.

Fast forward to his first kill involving a living, breathing person, and we were seriously emotionally invested with this guy.

Let's have a moment of silence for Glenn, while we all watch this tribute together:

Rest in peace (piece? pieces? oh God it's too soon, it's too soon), Mr. Rhee.


Did you see this coming?


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