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This article contains spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 7.

Since its seventh season premiere back in October, The Walking Dead has been a subject of major social media controversy. Negan's presence on the show has not only increased the ratings; it's increased viewer polarization. The hit AMC series has stuck pretty close to the comic book source material this season, but it's only fair that the fans have been able to voice their opinion.

The Walking Dead fans have always been pretty vocal about their thoughts on the show, but things have really increased on social media throughout Season 7. Whether they're commenting on the graphically violent nature of Glenn and Abraham's death, Negan's arrival at Alexandria or the questionable CGI used in last week's episode, you can count on the fans to give you a stone cold dose of "this is how it is."

Tonight's episode was explosive — in more ways than one — and, despite clashing with the Oscars, fans wasted no time in taking to social media to voice their opinions on Negan's return, his terrifying relationship with Eugene and that extremely sadistic stunt involving the Saviors' furnace.

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Let's take a look at some of the fan's best, and occasionally hilarious, comments below.

While some viewers were too busy focusing on the awesomeness that is Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan, and his playful relationship with Eugene, others were more focused Eugene himself:

Craving more Walking Dead? Sink your teeth into these:

Meanwhile, others were left devastated by Negan's heinous attack on the doctor. After Daryl's escape, Negan needed a scapegoat and, based on Dwight's testimony (LIES!), Negan threw the middle-aged man straight into a furnace. Yikes!

As you can imagine, this caused quite the stir on social media.

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

And this viewer pretty much summed up our reaction:

Don't you just love it when there's a lighthearted moment to, you know, detract from all the furnace throwing, head-bashing, pickle-eating madness?

Tonight's fun-filled moment came rather early on, when Eugene settled into his new home ... and it involved one particular song that has become synonymous with The Walking Dead. Yep, you guessed it — many fans were delighted to see the return of "Easy Street":

As you can see, the viewers were pretty vocal about tonight's episode — and regardless of what happens in the remainder of the season, we can guarantee that the fans will delight us with their thoughts on the matter once more. But maybe you disagree with them? Vote in our poll below:


What did you think of Negan's intimidating return on tonight's 'The Walking Dead'?

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