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Back in April of last year, Robert Kirkman thrilled The Walking Dead fans everywhere when he announced that we were going to get to know Negan a lot better. The announcement was followed up by the release of Here's Negan, a 16 issue comic consisting of four pages each, telling the backstory of the one and only Negan.

And Lucille. Can't forget about her.

Over one year and 14 issues later, we're nearing the end of the run. In the latest comic, Negan and Lucille have finally claimed their first living victim. Check out the panel that shows why he did what he had to do:

'Here's Negan' [Credit: Skybound Comics]
'Here's Negan' [Credit: Skybound Comics]

In the penultimate Season 7 episode of , a Savior named Davey tries to rape the ill-fated Sasha, but not before Negan catches him in the act. One knife to the throat later, and we've all been updated on Negan's "no rape" policy. Looks an awful lot like the above scene in Here's Negan, doesn't it? Psychotic with his barbed wire wrapped baseball bat doesn't stand for rape.

The next three panels should look familiar too. Negan gets pushed into some barbed wire by the guy who asked Negan if he wanted to rape the woman. Reaching for his trusty bat (which isn't actually named Lucille yet), he goes to town on the guy.

This is where it gets really familiar:

'Here's Negan' [Credit: Skybound Comics]
'Here's Negan' [Credit: Skybound Comics]

Looks a little bit too much like a certain pizza delivery boy from The Walking Dead. Glenn got his brains smashed in both in the comics and the show, and the scene in Here's Negan is just a little too reminiscent of that.

Glenn, from 'The Walking Dead' comics & show [Credit: Robert Kirkman & AMC]
Glenn, from 'The Walking Dead' comics & show [Credit: Robert Kirkman & AMC]

Dammit . Just when we thought our feels had been healed, you go and give us the eye again.

Who's excited about the last two issues of Here's Negan? Let me know in the comments how you think the series will end, and how Negan begins!


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