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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Negan's spent almost half a season swaggering around enjoying being the most irritating, megalomaniacal rapist in the world of , and his beard has enjoyed the ride. Still, in the promo for The Walking Dead season 7 mid-season finale, S07E08 "Hearts Still Beating," we see Negan reveal a new look:

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Beardless Negan is certainly closer to Robert Kirkman's comic book Negan, but it's currently unclear as to why Negan chooses this moment in particular to crop the hairs on his chinny-chin-chin.

Negan: beard / no beard = still a prick. [Credit: AMC]
Negan: beard / no beard = still a prick. [Credit: AMC]

The promo for "Hearts Still Beating" shows beardless Negan twice: Once in another bout of annoying swaggering (see image above) and once in the following Unhappy Family tableau.

If Negan had Instagram? [Credit: AMC]
If Negan had Instagram? [Credit: AMC]

After seven episodes of a whole lot of talking (even worse, mostly Negan talking), hopefully the mid-season finale will give us some real action — or maybe we'll just get an excruciatingly long speech about why Negan decided to shave his beard off.


Do you prefer Negan with or without the beard?

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