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Netflix is sticking to their dour, Snickety warnings and lamentations about getting the green light, but we can scarcely contain our joy!

Check out the miserable message Netflix used to announce the new season:

And it looks like we're not the only ones who are pumped about the continuation of the televised tale of the Baudelaire orphans. Most of the members of the cast have taken to social media to celebrate/mourn the news:

Avi Lake might be thoroughly embracing her role as Isadora Quagmire by tweeting out couplets, but no one has stepped into character with quite so much enthusiasm as . The actor just revealed on Instagram that he's gone full Olaf and permanently inked a tattoo of an eye on his ankle.

See also:

Harris's new tat is the exact same one that his character sports in the show, which, as all volunteers know, has an important multi-level meaning.

'A Series of Unfortunate Events' [Credit: Netflix]
'A Series of Unfortunate Events' [Credit: Netflix]

The official Unfortunate Twitter account remarked that Harris is clearly more devoted to his craft than his on-screen counterpart:

While it might seem weird to permanently brand yourself with the mark of a villain, it's not the eye tattoo that makes Olaf evil. Let's just hope Harris manages to stay on the right side of the schism...


Would you ever get a tattoo of an eye on your ankle?


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