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Neill Blomkamp is not afraid to take risks, and his latest project promises to be as risky as they come. Titled Oats Studios Volume 1, the man behind District 9 and Elysium just released the first teaser trailer for his brand new experimental series which will showcase insane new material from the sci-fi director.

In the wake of his scrapped Alien sequel, Blomkamp has been teasing his new project, Oats Studios, for some time. The director took to Twitter last month to ask his followers if they would be interested in streaming some "experiemental short films" on Steam, his first step towards unveiling the project:

He also teased a 15 second clip of soldiers shooting down some kind of flyling monster, as well as a brand new alien with the caption "monsters coming":

The ensuing trailer tells us a fair bit about what to expect, and exemplifies everything we love about Blomkamp's style of sci-fi story telling. The trailer also harks back to the short films Blomkamp made prior to the critical success of District 9. A voiceover tells us that aliens have come to exterminate mankind, and we see images of a broken world; an overgrown Eiffel Tower, soldiers, and a whole lot of terrifying lizard-like alien life. Promoted as a "series of experiemental short films," Oats Studios Volume 1 is hopefully just the first of many planned shorts from Blomkamp's studio.

Check out the trailer here:

While is a big name in directing, the SFX are impressive for an experimental film studio. What's even better is that Blomkamp is currently flirting with the idea of making Volume 1 available to stream for free on the YouTube page, while any extras (music, VFX breakdowns, raw footage, etc) would be available for purchase through Steam.

Blomkamp is known for fusing science fiction and monsters with the grittiness of the real world, and the social & economic issues which effect us all. While still looks to be on the scrap heap, this latest project proves he's no layabout. Oats Studios looks to continue his style of filmmaking, and I for one hope we get a Volume 2... or a full length feature... or Alien 5.


What's your favorite Neill Blomkamp movie?

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