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Before Man of Steel even hit theaters, it was able to count $160 million in product placement alone from companies like Gillette, Walmart, and even luring global partners like Nokia. Brands will always be a part of big budget filmmaking, for better or worse. Interestingly, Elysium director spoke about his newest movie to The Wall Street Journal and how he plans on incorporating famous brands as part of the story.

Armadyne is the fictional company that powers the space station, but residents travel to and from Earth in space shuttle made by Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. Blomkamp explains:

"If you had a bunch of rich people living up there, they would have the equivalent of Ferraris and Bugattis that they fly around with."

Fair enough. Currently, Bugatti vehicles cost anywhere between $1.33 million to $3.28 million. They can also reach up to 258 miles per hour for, you know, casual suburban travel. Blomkamp apparently reached out to brands personally to be involved in the film. While I understand Bugatti's decision to be included, I wonder if they were at all worried about being synonymous with the movie's villains. It definitely underscores the rich versus poor idea. Still, do you think it's annoying product placement to have?

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