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The battlefield of video-game to film adaptations is littered with the corpses of many a gaming franchise. Super Mario Bros., Max Payne, Street Fighter. These are just a few of the titles which prove video games are hard to adapt to live-action mediums. Despite this, people just keep on trying. Take for example Halo.

Halo, Xbox's flagship title, has long been rumored to be receiving a live-action film adaptation. , and District 9's have all tried in the past, but each has failed to make it work for various reasons.

However, it seems Blomkamp isn't ready to give up yet. Now, according to Latino Review, the director, who most recently delivered Elysium, will also be helming the pilot of 's Halo 'television' series.

Last year we heard Spielberg would be creating a Halo series for Microsoft's Xbox One's live TV service. He will be executive producing, but I can't imagine a better director than Blomkamp. In both District 9 and Elysium, he proved he is the master of delivering gritty, sci-fi action utilizing various fancy futuristic weapons.

As mentioned above, if this rumor turns out to be true, this isn't the first time Blomkamp has attempted to bring the UNSC to life outside of the games. He was also attached to the film project for some time. Ultimately, that experience left him bitter and disillusioned with the mainstream Hollywood film industry. In this sense, working with Microsoft's own video distribution service could be the perfect situation for Blomkamp.

There's certainly never been a better team working on a video game adaptation, so perhaps Speilberg and Blomkamp can do what's never been done before and deliver a good live-action video game adaptation?

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