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Netflix has revolutionized the way we watch TV — thanks to original content from Stranger Things to House of Cards — and now it wants to do the same for movies. The streaming company is taking some bold steps by pushing out a massive amount of original films next year.

In 2017, Netflix's original film slate consisted of approximately 50 titles, including comedies, dramas, action, anime, foreign films and even documentaries. But for 2018, that number is going way up.

Netflix Wants To Release 80 Original Films In 2018

According to Variety, Netflix plans on stepping up its game. The company recently announced it will be raising prices, which will help fund as much as $8 billion in original content, up from original estimates of $6 billion. Netflix users may not think of the platform as a place to watch original films, but speaking to investors on Monday, chief content officer Ted Sarandos said this is going to change very soon:

"I think people will start seeing the potential for this original movie initiative, that it could be done on the enormous scale we have on the television side."

Not only will these films fit into various genres, but they will also have varying budgets as well, from "indie"-like films to big-budget blockbusters. A prime example is Netflix's Bright, which has a budget of $90 million. The movie also stars A-list actor Will Smith and will release just in time for the holidays on December 22.

In 2019, Netflix will release its most expensive film, Martin Scorcese's The Irishman with Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino. This is an eye-opener in the sense that Netflix may be a valid competitor to big movie studios, just like how it's become a competitor to prime TV networks.

Will Disney's Departure Hurt Netflix? They Don't Think So!

A lot of Netflix users are upset that Disney decided to pull the plug and leave Netflix entirely, so they can create their own streaming service in 2019. It is understandable why Disney would want to do this, as they clearly have enough material and confidence to start their own streaming service.

Some of the best and most popular movies on Netflix are owned by , including titles from , and — so how Netflix will recover from this massive blow? Sarandos had a pretty solid answer regarding this topic:

“We just have to focus on creating content that our members can’t live without… Whether or not one of our partners decides to produce for us or compete with us, that’s really a choice that they have to make based on their own business.”

While that answer may sound a bit conceited, Sarandos is absolutely right. With so many ways to stream our favorite movies and TV series, the only way to stay afloat is to create original content that fans couldn't live without. Could you even imagine canceling Netflix? You'd lose Stranger Things, The Defenders (and the rest of the Marvel shows), 13 Reasons Why, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Narcos and so many other amazing series.

Now that Netflix is creating their own movies as well, it'll be that much harder to cancel your subscription — and that's exactly what Netflix wants.

What do you think about Netflix's future plans regarding original films? Are you interested to see what they have up their sleeves? Discuss below!

(Source: Variety)


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