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What's that? You liked Stranger Things but you think Season 2 has the potential to be a bit crap, so you'd really like a new Stranger Things, something equally demented but different and with children who actually stay dead? It must be your lucky day, because just dropped the trailer for its new murder mystery series, the ominously-titled Dark, and it looks just like Stranger Things, but different.

Although only 56 seconds long, this teaser trailer features a healthy amount of weird including, but not limited to, men holding dead birds in front of churches, teenagers looking wet and guilty, old men roaming the woods in pyjamas, fields full of dead sheep, and the most sinister venn diagram you've ever laid eyes on.

Weird murder book. [Credit: Netflix]
Weird murder book. [Credit: Netflix]

is set in the small town of Winden, Germany, which sounds like a place that hasn't seen any sunlight since about 1986 — which, coincidentally, is one of the three years scribbled on that mysterious venn diagram. In 2019, a boy named Mikkel goes missing, prompting a police investigation and people saying things like "nothing is normal in this town," just in case we didn't get it already.

Check out the first Dark trailer below, and start spinning your theories...

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According to the newspaper subheader, the disappearance of Mikkel, 11, comes thirteen days after the disappearance of 15-year-old Eric Obendorf. Both vanished "without a trace." The most cryptic and most tantalizing line of the trailer comes right at the end: "The question isn't who kidnapped the children — but when."

When in doubt, add time travel.

Long fingernails. [Credit: Netflix]
Long fingernails. [Credit: Netflix]

I don't know what kind of weird fuckery is going down in Winden, or when it's going down for that matter, but I'm stoked to find out, and also morbidly curious about that weird murder book from 1953 filled with pictures of dead people who've had their eyes removed.

I don't believe things like this actually happen in Germany on the regs, by the way, but in the era of alternative facts can we really be sure of anything?

Dark premieres Winter 2017 on Netflix. Will you be there?

Wo ist Mikkel, indeed... [Credit: Netflix]
Wo ist Mikkel, indeed... [Credit: Netflix]


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