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No one ever said being a single mother was easy. But how much harder would it be if the child began to display superpowers? That's the challenge facing one young mother in Raising Dion, the latest comic book adaptation to be picked up by Netflix. It promises to run the gamut from beautifully touching to deeply disturbing, as revealed in this wonderful teaser video released back in 2015.

The story was the brainchild of commercial and music video director Dennis Liu, who adapted the concept for both popular and a hugely successful short film. Liu deliberately wanted to invert so many classic superhero tropes, most notably through the eyes of the parent. As he told The Guardian:

"I always thought it’d be interesting to do Batman but from the point of view of [his butler] Alfred. What if Alfred doesn’t do it right? Or Superman from [his mother] Martha Kent’s point of view. If she doesn’t do it right, what will he become?"

As you can see, Dion possesses a pretty remarkable powerset. The video alone drops hints of Dion's powers of invisibility, energy manipulation, teleportation and telekinesis. Like any child, Dion is fascinated by the boundaries that his mother draws. How far can he push them? How much can he get away with? And what are the consequences of his super-powered actions? These are lessons that he must learn the hard way, first through his mother's example, and secondly through trial and error.

Raising Dion promises to be a beautifully diverse new Netflix series, and Liu's delighted to see it adapted by Netflix. His hope is that the team will be able to create a cinematic experience for all families that will truly touch our hearts.

A Remarkable Team

A story rich in humor. [Credit: Dennis Liu and Jason Piperberg]
A story rich in humor. [Credit: Dennis Liu and Jason Piperberg]

Netflix is yet to reveal the cast, but the production team is top rate. Carol Barbee (Judging Amy, Jericho, and Touch) will be acting as showrunner, working to bring Liu's vision to life. Meanwhile, Liu himself has signed up as an executive producer (and is director of the first episode). Other executive producers include Black Panther's Michael B. Jordan (who'll also be appearing in flashbacks as Dion's late father) and Michael Green (Logan, American Gods).

Netflix is becoming increasingly bold in terms of their superhero adaptations. The Marvel Netflix shows have been critically acclaimed, and proven the strength of the market. Meanwhile, the streaming giant is increasingly focusing on independent comics, even purchasing Millarworld earlier this year and gaining a whole host of new intellectual properties. Given the talent Netflix has assembled for Raising Dion, they clearly hope this will prove to be another remarkable success.

Speaking in an official press statement, Netflix's Vice President of Original Content Cindy Holland gave fans a sense of just how excited the company is about this new show.

"We haven’t seen this type of superhero story before — an origin myth full of imagination, wonder and adventure, all grounded in the experiences of a modern single mother."

Raising Dion promises to be a breathtaking new contribution to the superhero genre. Netflix has confirmed that the first series will be adapted into a 10-episode series, and we'll be eagerly anticipating a release date. Meanwhile, you can read the first issue for free on Liu's personal website, giving you a sense of just what to expect from this upcoming Netflix project.

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