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Out of all the Avengers, Clint Barton's Hawkeye is the perhaps the least prominent in the MCU. Even though his latest appearance in Captain America: Civil War proved to be his most successful to date — he had some great comedic lines and awesomely launched Ant-Man on an arrow — I just don't ever see Marvel Studios making a Hawkeye film.

But there's another Hawkeye in Marvel Comics who could become the MCU's next big star: Kate Bishop.

Her latest comic was successful both critically and commercially, with Bishop taking the role of Hawkeye after Clint killed Bruce Banner in Civil War II. Let's take a look at why she would make for a successful Netflix show alongside Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, The Punisher and Iron Fist.

Her Origin Story Is Perfect For Netflix's Street-Level View Of The MCU

In 2012 Marvel Comics released Hawkeye by Matt Fraction and David Aja, one of the company's most wonderful, creative stories in recent history. It explored what a downtrodden Barton does with his time off from saving the world as an Avenger, which includes a real estate transaction with a Russian mobster and mentoring Kate Bishop, who's actually more competent than he is.

The comic primarily deals with mobsters and hitmen in New York City, which is exactly what Marvel's Netflix series are going for. If Jeremy Renner could appear as Barton, this would easily be one of Marvel's greatest on-screen adaptations. After Renner hosted SNL (and made fun of Robert Downey, Jr.'s failed jazz album), we know that he has the comedy chops for it:

At the same time, Kate needs room to grow, which should allow for only a few cameos from Barton. This could be one of the more unique bonds in the MCU. I definitely recommend checking out all 22 issues — it's such a joyous series.

Arrow Proved To Be A Hit On Network Television With A Similar Formula

Arrow on The CW help launched one of television's most beloved shared universes, proving that a bow and arrow can be plenty scary enough to intimidate bad guys. Oliver took on believable threats — or more accurately, threats that an Olympic athlete could realistically handle — with the help of a few trusted allies.

Luckily for us, Kate is nowhere near as melancholic as Oliver, and she could prove a fan-favorite with her snarky, acerbic wit!

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Marvel Television Could Always Use Another Strong Woman

The more diverse the lineup, the more creative you can be with the stories. Kate brings a lot things to the table — and while Jessica Jones may be an utter badass, she's almost as jaded as a person can get. I'm by no means saying she should smile (that's just a huge part of her character), but Kate offers different avenues to explore; her lightheartedness could make an interesting contrast.

I'm well aware of how badly fans want to see the likes of Moon Knight or Ms. Marvel, but with Hawkeye already being an Avenger, Netflix wouldn't have to work nearly as hard selling a new brand. I'd love to see Jeremy Renner pal around with Kate — he has a family, but maybe he's still on the run from Civil War. With source material that closely matches Netflix's flavor of doing things, Kate Bishop should make her way to the MCU one of these days!

Do you think Netflix should make a Hawkeye show or pick a different character for its next series? Let us know in the comments below!


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