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Anyone who watched Arrested Development Season 4 knows the ending wasn't exactly an ending. Many of the storylines developed in the Netflix produced fourth season were not actually resolved by the final episode. Sure, it kind of sucked, but also left open the possibility of more Arrested Development! From the sounds of things, that's something Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is all for.

He recently told CNBC that Netflix would certainly be up for more episodes of Arrested Development. In fact, he claimed the only obstacle in the way was the availability of the cast. With the likes of , and gracing Arrested Development, I can certainly see how it would be pretty difficult to tie down everyone for another season.

Ever since the final episode of season 3, there have been persistent rumors that an Arrested Development movie was on the cards. Indeed, the show's creator, has stated the fourth season was designed as a run-up to a big screen adaptation. As far as we know, the film is still officially all go, however we have heard little about its progress. Perhaps another Netflix season is more realistic?

Season 4 has received 'mixed reviews', so much so that Netflix's stock took a slight dip on the release of Arrested Development. Personally, I think the season did the job we expected. The first half was perhaps mediocre at best, but it certainly picked up towards the end. In fact, watching it all in one sitting like probably isn't the best way to get a reasoned overview of the entire series. One thing is for sure though. Loads of people watched it. Hastings explained:

It's been huge, just as we hoped.

However, he was unwilling to divulge exact numbers because "Netflix is about being able to watch when you want... So we're really not focused on day-one ratings, it's really over the first year." Well, I guess that makes sense.

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What did you think of Arrested Development season 4? Was it everything you hoped for, or did you feel a little bit disappointed? Let me know below.


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