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Streaming service (and professional couch-potato maker) Netflix has locked a deal with Sony Pictures Television to stream Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul. The show, which is due to premiere in 2014, will be available to stream in all Netflix territories as soon as the season finale has aired on AMC.

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Breaking Bad was one of the biggest cultural events in TV history and a lot of its popularity through the final season can be attributed to the show being available on Netflix as it allowed those who had missed out on the show in the beginning to 'binge view'. This subsequently delivered record ratings for the show's final season.

Better Call Saul will follow dodgy lawyer - and Kevin Costner impersonator - Saul Goodman () in the years before he became Walter White's criminal attorney. The show will be a lot more comedic than Breaking Bad (there's nothing funny about crystal meth kids!) and there's a lot of scope for cameos of fan-favorite characters and nods to the original show. To be honest, as long as they get Mike back for some private detective/enforcing I'll be very happy.

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