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Despite bleeding cash faster than Kick-Ass bleeds, well... blood, Netflix have just acquired Millarworld, the comic book imprint founded by industry legend Mark Millar. Originally conceived as a creator-led line that could compete with Marvel and DC, Millarworld will now bring the fight onto our screens with its very own movie and TV adaptations.

Millar himself notes on his web site that “This is only the third time in history a major comic book company has been purchased at this level," giving us all reason to be excited. After all, adaptations of Wanted, Kick-Ass and Kingsman number among the most original box office successes of the past decade, and these barely scratch the surface of what Millar World has in store for us.

In an official statement, Netflix chief Ted Sarandos described Millar as a modern-day Stan Lee, discussing how the streaming service is excited to "harness the creative power of Millarworld to Netflix and start a new era in global storytelling." Although details on which specific titles will be adapted first remain unclear, an official video released alongside this announcement could hint at what your next favorite superhero movies and TV shows might be.

Which Millar World Comics Could Be Adapted By Netflix First?

Fans will be disappointed to hear that and Kick-Ass aren't part of the Netflix deal, as other studios already hold the rights to those properties. Fortunately, there are plenty more titles to choose from, including Wanted if this announcement video is anything to go by.

Here's a breakdown of what the other featured Millar World comics are about and why fans should be excited for this new Netflix venture.

  • American Jesus — Jodie Christianson possesses special abilities that lead the world to believe that he is the second coming of Jesus Christ. However, the huge burden of becoming mankind’s salvation is a tough one to bear, and hints that his destiny could develop into something far darker instantly propel American Jesus near the top of our wish-list.
  • Jupiter's Legacy — Jupiter's Legacy examined the impact that older generations have on the young through a comic book lens, exploring the pressures placed on super-powered drug addict Chloe Sampson and her legendary superhero parents. Millar portrayed the younger generation as entitled and arrogant, hitting close to home for those who feel that Generation X is throwing everything away.
  • Huck Move over, Superman. Huck is the quintessential all-American hero in many ways, using his powers and naivety to protect his small home town in any way he can. This hearty hero isn't above saving cats in trees and helping old ladies cross the road, never losing sight of that corny need to help others that originally helped define the Last Son of Krypton.
  • Chrononauts — Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly share both the ultimate bromance and the ability to travel through time, televising their adventures across the space-time continuum for their own personal gain.
  • Empress — Marriage isn't all its cracked up to be, especially if you're wed to an alien dictator who's feared throughout the galaxy. With just three guns, her bodyguard and her wits, Empress does everything she can to escape her husband while still ensuring the safety of her three children.
  • Reborn — All of the religions were wrong. Instead of going somewhere like heaven or hell when you die, people end up somewhere else entirely, in a place where a new fight for survival against those who have already died takes hold.
  • MPH — Imagine if a group of teenagers found a street drug that imbued them with the speed of The Flash. Would they save the world, or just set out to make as much money as they could? I think we all know the answer to that question.
  • Jupiter's Circle — Spinning off from Jupiter's Legacy, this comic explored the family dynasty only hinted at before, diving into the controversial past of America's most celebrated superheroes.
  • Superior — As a Superman parody with a difference, Superior imagined what would happen if a 12 year-old boy suffering from multiple sclerosis is suddenly given super powers, freeing him from the constraints of his condition. The only trouble is that these abilities were gifted to him by a demon monkey called Ormon who wants the boy's soul in exchange.
  • Wanted — Wanted was the first Millar World comic to be adapted for the big screen, but it looks as though a new version may soon hit Netflix if this video is to be believed. In the movie, Wesley Gibson discovers that he is the heir to an assassin in a world run by super villains, so hopefully, this new take on the comic would explore the back story in more detail, revealing what it's really like to live in a world run by super villains.
  • Super Crooks — Imagine if the criminals in Ocean's Eleven possessed super powers beyond just their inhuman levels of charm and you get Supercrooks, a heist story that encourages readers to root for the villains.
  • Starlight — Retired space hero Duke McQueen has nothing left in life after his wife died and his children left. That is, until a mysterious call from a remote world calls him back into action for one final mission.
  • Nemesis — As one of the most violent Millar World titles yet, Nemesis mirrored Batman's darkest moments through the story of a terrorist who plays mind games with Chief Inspector Blake Morrow, courting controversy along the way.

Should Marvel & DC Be Worried About Millar World?

Despite featuring lesser known characters, the Millar World has already proved to be commercially successful through the likes of and . Furthermore, the global reach of Netflix certainly shouldn't be under-estimated, potentially enabling Millar World movies and TV shows to compete with even Marvel and DC.

Certainly, competition for these two industry giants wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. After all, both companies often pushed each other to new creative heights over the years and throwing a third competitor into the mix could encourage Marvel and DC to tap unprecedented levels of quality in their next adaptations.

For now, it's also unlikely that these projects would even reach cinemas, which means that the Millar World will only compete for audience attention on the small screen. Quality-wise, there's a chance that these adaptations could equal or even surpass our favorite and shows, but that doesn't mean either will be affected in the long term financially.

What remains unclear is whether previously announced adaptations of these titles are still in the works or have been discarded as part of the deal. Either way, fans who know how the stories are all tied together in one shared universe know that superhero fans have never had it so good.

Which Millar World comic would you like to see adapted by Netflix first? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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