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Now available in over 190 countries, Netflix has found some very clever ways of marketing its shows in various countries, however one such advertising campaign has clearly fallen flat with some in Germany.

To promote the new Drew Barrymore comedy Santa Clarita Diet in Germany, Netflix cleverly worked in the classic German fast food dish Currywurst (a curry ketchup-covered pork sausage) into marketing. However, the posters and billboards gave the currywurst a Santa Clarita Diet twist when it replaced the pork sausage with a human finger. Personally I think it's pretty genius marketing, but you can make your own mind up:

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Obviously the idea of a beloved currywurst being replaced by a human sausage was too much for some members of the German public, and there were over 50 complaints to the Deutscher Werberat (the German ad regulator). Complainants said the ad was "disgusting," "anxiety-inducing" and "disturbing to children and youths."

Early marketing for the series had even included a branded Santa Clarita Diet currywurst van, which gave free "finger food" to hungry and curious passersby.

While the Deutscher Werberat can't force an advertiser to pull a campaign, after making Netflix aware of the reaction the images were receiving, Netflix decided to pull the German campaign immediately.

Santa Clarita Diet is available to stream on Netflix now.


Do you think the German 'Santa Clarita Diet' ad should be removed?

Source: Der Tagesspielgel, Yahoo


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