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The entertainment industry is currently delving deep into '80s nostalgia and the best thing to have come out of the process is Netflix's Stranger Things. Inspired by the horror seen in Stephen King's novels and the sci-fi elements from Steven Spielberg classics, the Duffer Brothers have took us on an emotional journey through Hawkins in Season 1, and look to do the same when the show returns on October 27. However, before the show looks to spook us again, Netflix has released a Stranger Things action adventure game to prepare us for the thrills to come in Season 2.

Fight Goons, Solve Puzzles And Collect Eggos In 'Stranger Things: The Game'

After Season 1 of Stranger Things came to a close, every '90s kid must've been eager to time-travel back to the '80s and experience the ambiance of that era. So, if you're one of those fans who are still trying to reach 88 miles per hour in your DeLorean, head out to your App Store or Google Play Store and enjoy a comparatively easier trip into the past.

In Stranger Things: The Game, the player can begin their journey into the mysterious corners of 16-bit Hawkins with Jim Hopper and eventually alternate between all the other fan-favorite characters from the show. As the game becomes increasingly difficult with each phase, the freedom to chose from all the characters at your disposal, provides for some fun puzzle-solving moments as you get to utilize their unique abilities.

Apart from getting the chance to role-play as Mike, Dustin, Lucas or Nancy, the point-and-click title also rewards fans with tons of Easter Eggs and references from the show itself. And as if this free gift from Netflix and BonusXP couldn't get any better, Stranger Things: The Game also gives fans the chance to unlock never-before-seen footage from Season 2, even before it releases on October 27.

Although the Duffer Brothers loves to hark back to Spielberg's E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial the decision to stray away from its Atari 2600 conversion for Stranger Things: The Game is certainly relieving. In addition to that, as the game adds to Netflix's consistent '80s throwbacks through posters and trailers, we certainly can't wait to see what other thrills and chills the show has in store for us this Halloween.

Are you going to play Stranger Things: The Game to prepare for Season 2? Let me know in the comment section.

(Source: IGN)


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