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As Stranger Things fans anxiously prepare to binge watch the much anticipated second season of the hit Netflix series, they may want to set aside a few extra hours. The worst feeling as a TV binge-watcher is hitting the end of the season, but fear not, the streaming service has a surprise for viewers this time around.

For the first time in the streaming service's history, revealed that it will be releasing an aftershow for the follow-up season, titled Beyond Stranger Things. Stranger Things' second season is already garnering positive reviews, so this news is a an extra treat for fans.

Along with a teaser sneak peek of the new aftershow, Netflix provided details about what fans can expect from the program. Beyond Stranger Things will consist of seven episodes and will be hosted by actor/writer/producer Jim Rash. It is strongly suggested that fans wait until they finish the entire season before jumping into the aftershow because of major spoilers. The purpose of the aftershow is to take a deeper dive into the unanswered questions as well as behind-the-scenes looks and discussions regarding the inspirations for the season. There will also be a slew of guest appearances and interviews from the cast and the series' creators, the Duffer brothers. And from the looks of it, the aftershow will take place in a familiar location: Mike's basement.

The aftershow is produced by the same company who created The Walking Dead's popular aftershow, Talking Dead, which is hosted by Chris Hardwick. Being the first of its kind for Netflix, the program will certainly serve as an test for future aftershow endeavors. Talking Dead has gained its own following over the years for its various weekly segments and interactions with fans. Considering Beyond Stranger Things will be filmed in advance, fans won't get that direct interaction, but the closer look into the season and plot discussions are definitely enticing.

It will certainly be interesting to see how effective the program will be considering aftershows are meant to be viewed after each episode, not after fans binge a complete season. In reality, this is more like an after "season", but it could serve well for fans who rush through series and continue to crave more. After the nostalgia-filled series hit last year, fans struggled with the excruciating wait time for the second season. With an aftershow, viewers are given another way to feel connected to the beloved show.

There is no doubt that fans of Stanger Things will give the aftershow a try, the only question is now, what is the protocol for binge-watching an aftershow, do we fly through it or take our time?

Stranger Things season two and all seven episodes of Beyond Stranger Things hits Netflix October 27!

Will you be watching Beyond Stranger Things after you finish season 2? Tell us in the comments below!

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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