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Everyone has a bad habit; some people bite their nails, some people procrastinate, and a lot of people like to binge watch Netflix. I'm guilty of the latter; I will neither confirm nor deny that I have gone days without any social contact just so I could finish all nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother (again).

Recently, Netflix rolled out a brand new feature that will make binge watching even easier. Because they understand us, our pain, our greatest struggle: It's not the sleep deprivation, it's not the fact all your friends think you've gone missing, it's not your strained relationship with your parents, it's not that you forgot when the last time you showered was, and it's not even the fact that you just watched 10 years worth of content in just a few short weeks. The biggest problem facing us binge-watching addicts is waiting through the dreaded opening credits.

But I bring you tidings of great joy!

Netflix Will Now Let You Skip Opening Credits

When you've been watching the same show for seven hours straight it gets annoying to see the same credits and listen to the same music over and over again. However, you also don't want to manually skip them because then you might skip too far or might not skip far enough and now you're stuck watching the tail end of the credits. It's a real struggle. Luckily for us, Netflix is now letting viewers click a nifty little button that will do all the hard work for them! No longer will you get a theme song stuck in your head, no longer will you have to switch your tab to Facebook as the opening credits play! Now you can really binge watch as the way it was meant to be, without any interruptions.

What Shows Have This Feature?

Right now the answer is simple: We have absolutely no idea. Many sources are saying that it's only available on shows with cold opens (where the show starts with the credits) and Netflix Originals, however, I am aware of several exceptions to this rule. For example, How I Met Your Mother is neither a Netflix Original nor a show with a cold open and it has this new feature. However, there are some shows that don't have this feature and we're honestly not sure when or if they will ever get it. In addition, this feature is currently only available online and not on the app. But the button is only in its infancy, so if it's well received I'm sure we will be getting it on more content in the near future.

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Although it's unclear what shows you'll be able to skip intros on, one thing is certain, binge watching just got a whole lot easier. Netflix is clearly listening to what their customers want and with new features like this I'm sure they really understand the type of people who use their service - those of us with no social lives who can watch 10 hours of television in a row without any problem.


Will the skip intro button make your binge watching experience better?


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