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"There's an on-the-record, public story of what happened to Sister Cathy, and then there's the world beneath."

A gruesome crime and a sinister cover-up is the subject of Netflix's brand new docu-series The Keepers, which follows the story of Baltimore nun Sister Cathy, and the events surrounding her mysterious murder. The streaming site, which has gifted us with Making a Murderer, The 13th, Amanda Knox and several other ground-breaking documentaries over the last few years, will release The Keepers for your binging pleasure later this month. So what's it about, and why will it become your newest obsession?

While this article does not delve into the finer points of the case, it is not entirely spoiler-free, so if you would like to watch with no prior knowledge, I suggest you proceed with caution...

'The Keepers' [Credit: Netflix]
'The Keepers' [Credit: Netflix]

Who Killed Sister Cathy?

This is the question at the crux of the series, but — much like — there is so much more that lies beneath the typical who-dun-it scenario. The story begins in the crime-ridden streets of 1960s Baltimore, where Sister Catherine "Cathy" Cesnik was an English and Drama teacher at the all-girls Archbishop Keough High School. Sister Cathy was well-loved by her pupils and peers, a devout Catholic, and was only 26 years old when she disappeared after a Friday-night shopping trip.

'The Keepers' [Credit: Netflix]
'The Keepers' [Credit: Netflix]

Her body was discovered one week later next to a dumpster with bruises around her neck and a dime-sized hole in the back of her skull. An autopsy would later reveal that she had died from a traumatic blow to the head. The police would then report that Sister Cathy had been discovered by two hunters, but even this is disputed in the documentary, thanks to the appearance of a brand new witness, only known as "Jane Doe," who came forward in the '90s to shine new testimony onto the unsolved case.

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“You see what happens when you say bad things about people?”

Horrifically, Jane Doe reveals that she was a student at Archbishop Keough at the time Sister Cathy was murdered. She also revealed that she had experienced horrendous sexual abuse at the hands of the high school’s chaplain, Father Joseph Maskell.

Jane Doe also revealed to police that she had been taken to see Sister Cathy's undiscovered, crumpled, and maggot-infested body by Maskell, who threatened her with the same fate if she ever spoke out about her abuse, saying "See what happens when you say bad things about people."

Check out the trailer for Netflix's The Keepers:

The series will investigate the horrors that were really going on at Archbishop Keogh High School, how much Sister Cathy knew, and how that might have led to her untimely death. Through harrowing testimony from victims and former students, friends, and journalists, Baltimore citizens are only now seeking the truth of the crime — only to discover the lengths the police authorities, clergy, and government officials would go to to cover it all up. The Keepers arrives on May 19.

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