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Warning: Make sure you are all up to date with The OA before venturing into this article.

If you're reading this, you — like me — are looking for answers. You have also probably spent the last eight hours binging Netflix's latest original The OA, and are now asking yourself two questions: What just happened? And, will there be a Season 2?

'The OA' [Credit: Netflix]
'The OA' [Credit: Netflix]

is a complicated maze of time, reality and inter-dimensional angels, set off by the reappearance of Prairie Johnson — played by the captivating Brit Marling — a blind woman who had been missing for the past seven years. During her disappearance, Prairie has somehow regained her sight, and upon her return would rather go by "The OA" than her given name. We then begin on a crazy journey spanning from Russia to (possibly) South Dakota to a point between Heaven and Earth on a ride that makes Stranger Things feel like child's play.

UPDATE: Netflix Has Renewed 'The OA' For A Second Season!

Thankfully, Netflix have finally announced that twisty-turny madness will live to see a second season, just eight weeks after the show quietly debuted on Netflix. The streaming site also dropped this tantalizing teaser trailer, which announces 'Part II' of the adventure — and only has us even more mystified.

What Do We Want From Season 2?

Upon finishing Season 1, I'm sure you have a few questions. What was built to be one of the most exciting Netflix Originals since left viewers a little in the lurch with a less than satisfying finale. Of the many questions we were left with, these were some of the most prominent:

  • Was any of it real?
  • Did Hap, Homer, Rachel, Scott and Renata really exist?
  • What did the fifth movement do?
  • What's up with the FBI Agent in Prairie's house for no reason?
  • What's up with the school shooter?
  • Is The OA dead?
'The OA' [Credit: Netflix]
'The OA' [Credit: Netflix]

As you can see, the amount of wtf that the Season 1 finale presented left the door wide open for second season, and according to the show's producer Zal Batmanglij, this was always the point. In an interview with Variety, Batmanglij said the show was designed to continue:

"Whether it will happen or not, I think that’s up to you guys. All of you in the world. If people connect to it. I would like to see this story continue..."

'The OA' [Credit: Netflix]
'The OA' [Credit: Netflix]

The show's star, Brit Marling, who also produced the alongside Batmanglij, also shared her desire for the story to continue:

"We spent a good three years just cobbling the mathematics of the labyrinth of a mind-bender that could go for many, many hours. We wanted to solve the riddle. We wanted to know what was at the center of the labyrinth within the very first chapter."

See also:

Marling continued:

"I would think that’s one of the exciting things about where we leave the ending, is that in some ways, it resolves in a satisfying sense, especially with the boys, but it also leaves something open. It’s exciting to leave that gap between one season and another and see how people feel about it and what they’re thinking, and then to get to continue, to actually answer the questions. If we get to be so lucky as to get to another round, I would be so excited."

The fact that the teaser trailer indicated a Part II leads us to believe that the show will continue to follow Prairie and her boys, but a part of me hopes the series will follow a different character — Homer, possibly? Or Hap? As Marling said, there is so much left to explore, so let's hope The OA Season 2 answers some of our most burning questions.


Are you excited for a second season of 'The OA'?

(Source: Variety)


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