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Why, she wouldn't even harm a fly. Self-proclaimed Jessica Chastain know-it-all.

Screams of joy were heard all over the American Horror Story fandom when it was revealed that Scream Queens star Emma Roberts was returning to the show for Season 7. Ryan Murphy took to Instagram a month before Cult hit our screens to announce that Roberts was among the lineup of stars set to take on what he was calling "the most terrifying season yet."

We are only three episodes into Season 7 but it is definitely living up to the high expectations set by fans worldwide. With each passing episode, viewers are kept on the edge of their seats as more characters are viciously picked off by the group of killer clowns roaming the streets of Michigan. Now, by the look of Episode 4's teaser, it appears the clowns have their eyes set on none other than our returning .

[Credit: FX]
[Credit: FX]

The only details we have on Roberts' role in Cult is that she joins Roanoke star Adina Porter as a fellow newscaster by the name of Serina Belinda. However, trouble brews between the two as Serina is promoted over Porter's Beverly Hope. It seems that all of this will unfold in Episode 4 based on the new teaser. Check it out below:

If you have eagle eyes then you would have caught the quick shot of Beverly Hope slashing a tire on someone's car — but is that special person Serina Belinda? I mean it would make sense. Beverly would be bitter about Serina getting a promotion over her, so what else is there to do besides taking a knife — to her car — right?

Well, if she was super pissed and wanted to unleash her rage even more, why not hire one of the killer clowns to do it? If you were paying attention at our first quick look of Robert's in action as Serina Belinda in the teaser, you would've noticed that one of the clowns is heading straight towards her in the middle of a broadcast!

'American Horror Story' [Credit: FX]
'American Horror Story' [Credit: FX]

Surprise bitch, indeed! It is completely unknown at this time on why Roberts' Serina Belinda would be a target, but take notice that Episode 4 is titled "11/9". That's right — we will be heading back in time to the night of the 2016 Presidential Election. It is completely plausible that Serina was promoted before or on election night, resulting in Beverly conjuring up a plan to get rid of her competition.

It makes sense and would totally give us an answer as to why we haven't seen or heard of Emma Roberts' character at all this season, even though she is a reporter. It is rumoured that Roberts' involvement this season is very minimal, so why not have her make a little appearance to ease fans and then kill her off? Sounds like a thing would totally do.

American Horror Story: Cult airs Wednesdays on FX.


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