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Jack Carr

Just in case you weren't already completely sure that Alien: Covenant would be two hours of death, pitch-black horror and abject misery, a lovely new poster for Ridley Scott's sequel-to-a-prequel just dropped which really goes hard on the whole "hell in space" vibe this movie is pitching.

In the poster, the corpses of various Xenomorphs, Engineers and Facehuggers seem to be entombed in an ancient skeletal wall like a horrific stone relic of all the bad shit that ever happened — and is still to happen — in the Alien movies. One alien is rising ominously out of the mass grave up toward the sunlight. Can't keep 'em down.

Check out the poster on the official Covenant Instagram.

hits theaters May 19, and if Ridley Scott's recent, spoiler-heavy reveal about the alien itself is any indication, we're in for a hell of a wild ride.

Does the sick new Covenant poster art have you splurging black goo?


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