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The final trailer for was recently screened at CinemaCon, and from what we've heard, it's seriously intense and comes packing a very major spoiler. Whilst we wait for the release of the final trailer in the coming days, Fox has been teasing the sixth movie in the Alien franchise with a series of new TV spots designed to remind us that in space, nobody can hear you scream.

Thinking about it, that's something Ridley Scott's been reinforcing since 1979, but for some reason these idiots keep going up there and getting feasted on by xenomorphs.

Anyway, the first of the new TV spots is titled 'Pray,' and begins with a gorgeously cinematic shot which reveals the precise design of the colony ship Covenant:

'Alien: Covenant' [Credit: Fox]
'Alien: Covenant' [Credit: Fox]

The ship looks kind of labyrinthine, like an actual city drifting through space, which makes sense given how many people are heading to their eventual deaths.

More Alien:

"All of this, to start our new life..." laments Daniels (Katherine Waterston), as the TV spot cuts between shots of a tentacled alien on board the ship, and another creature (which looks closer to the xenomorph) stalking somebody on the planet's surface. Check out 'Pray' below.

In the second TV spot, titled 'Hide', the crew explores what appears to be a mass grave littered with the corpses of Engineers.

'Alien: Covenant' [Credit: Fox]
'Alien: Covenant' [Credit: Fox]

I think it's a pretty solid guess that Michael Fassbender's original android David had something to do with that. Check out 'Hide' below.

Taken out of context, it's difficult to piece together exactly what's going on in these TV spots, but chances are the third and final Covenant trailer will expand on all of the new scenes.

Mind you, it's looking like it'll probably be heavily spoiler-filled, so if you're as hyped for this movie as I am, you might elect to pass when the new trailer drops — Covenant arrives in theaters May 19, so you only have a few weeks to wait.

Will 'Alien: Covenant' be the scariest movie in sci-fi history?


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