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Alisha Grauso

Just a few days ago, comic book fans got a sneak peek of as a very, very blue Electro for upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2. At first, fans were flipping out (situation normal) until more rational minds pointed out that they seemed to be basing him on the Ultimate incarnation version of Electro and would everyone just CHILL THE F&#@ OUT, Marvel's got this?

Today brings us some more photos from the set, this time of Peter Parker () and Gwen Stacy () strolling through Union Station, apparently on a date (All together now: Awwwwww).

(vis Superherohype)

I'm officially declaring it. Taking nothing away from former Spidey and Mary Jane (), but I am all in on Andrew and Emma as a love story. Perhaps because they're being in love in reality is what makes their scenes together so realistic and great?

Anyway, if you haven't yet [[follow]]ed this movie, what are you waiting for? There are only going to be more and more tantalizing photos dropped, so hop to it!



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