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Now, when word first emerged that was planning to dive headfirst into the messy yet potentially hugely profitable world of original programming, many fans of the iconic brand were understandably excited. After all, were Apple's famously exacting standards to find the right show to work with, the project could result in something really rather special.

Or, alternatively, the whole thing could wind up being a reality TV show featuring and , and be utterly mind-boggling in its weirdness. Intriguingly, it seems that Apple went for the latter, since:

Apple's New TV Show, 'Planet Of The Apps,' Looks Absolutely Insane

Y'see, where many expected a show about the very nature of technology, or an attempt to push the boundaries of what an on-screen medium can do, Apple instead opted for a technology-themed , with professional people-irritants Gwyneth Paltrow and Will.I.Am as two of the panelists. Now, in fairness, the panel is rounded out by — who has latterly become a hugely successful entrepreneur away from the world of acting, without resorting to founding the most patronizingly rich folk-oriented lifestyle website in the world — and Gary Vaynerchuk, an entrepreneur with a background in angel investment, but the whole thing still looks weird as hell.

Which, of course, means that we're all going to have to watch it.

Nicely played, . Nicely played indeed...

Want more on technology, and the games that go along with it? Check out They have that there.

In the meantime, though, what do you think? Will Planet of the Apps surpass our rock-bottom expectations? Let us know below!

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