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Leave it to the oddballs at Arrested Development to march to their own drum. At a time in which it seems every movie and television show prominently features character posters, the marketing department of the quirky cult favorite decided to go a different route. As in, remove the "character" part from their character posters.

Don't worry; it makes sense:

Best. Character posters. Ever. Seriously.

The format of the fourth season will be of a different sort, with each of the thirteen episodes revolving around one central character's story, with appearances by a few of the other characters. These episodes are all supposedly a bridge to the long-rumored movie, at least if this Netflix venture goes well, says lead :

One doesn't really work without the other. They keep saying it's a new season, but it's actually a bunch of episodes that set up the movie. It asks a bunch of question that then the movie answers, so it's kind of a package.

But the movie, he cautions, is certainly not a done deal yet, and even if/when it does, "there's probably going to be about a year, maybe a year and a half gap between the two, so you'll end up having to watch these episodes again."

Well, gee, twist our arms. I mean, if we have to...

All episodes of Season 4 of Arrested Development will drop simultaneously on Netflix 12:01am PST on Sunday, May 26th.


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