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Since Arrow Season 5 ended with the death of Adrian "Prometheus" Chase, we believed the villain had done all the damage possible. A new novel, coming in January 2018, corrects that assumption as Fatal Legacies picks up where Season 5 ended. According to the official synopsis provided by Amazon, Chase left a little something extra behind for Team Arrow in Star City.

The untold story bridging between ARROW seasons 5 and 6, exclusive to this novel! In the devastating aftermath of season five, Team Arrow must resume their mission to protect Star City. Those who have survived Chase’s trap on Lian Yu discover that his plans did not end there. If his legacies aren’t stopped, countless more will die. Co-authored by Arrow series producer Marc Guggenheim and James R. Tuck (Robin Hood: Mark of the Black Arrow).

Chase, played to evil perfection by Josh Segarra, was arguably the best villain to ever walk the streets of Star City. He kept Oliver and the team on their toes the entire season, and as he said, he was always ten steps ahead. He controlled every nuance of the game over the course of Season 5, proving himself a worthy opponent.

So a novel with even more of Prometheus's mind games will allow fans to once again experience the villain's depravity before being forced to say goodbye to him once and for all. Though we won't get to see the delicious malice take place on the screen— we certainly wouldn't mind flashbacks in this case—it'll still be worth the price of the paperback to discover the new traps Chase laid for Team Arrow before he left the city forever.

Though is facing a new foe this season, , a master martial artist and ruthless killer, Chase is going to be fairly difficult to top because of his unrelenting grasp of lunacy. Yet another reason why thousands of Arrow fans are looking forward to the release of the novel that will take us down the twisted road of evil once more.

Fatal Legacies will be released by Titan Books on January 30, 2018, but it's available for pre-order on Amazon now.

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