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Bows and arrows are really coming back into fashion. Hawkeye uses one, Katniss uses one, and now the Green Arrow is back to show off his archery skills in Arrow. When we left Oliver Queen, things weren't looking so good for the hooded vigilante. He had taken a few arrows courtesy of Malcolm Merlyn, and now he's vowing revenge. Unfortunately, that revenge might have to wait a while. As these latest stills show, there's a new bad guy in Starling City, and he's one hell of a fiery character.

The episode, suggestively titled 'Burned', gives a hint at who this new villain might be. It's none other than pyromaniac arsonist Garfield Lynns (aka Firefly). Although originally envisioned as a pyrotechnic expert gone rogue, in Arrow he's been re-imagined as a disgraced and disfigured firefighter. From the looks of the pictures he gate-crashes a party and literally turns it into a disco inferno. Check them out below:

(via Cinema Blend)

Although we get a good look at this new villain, the pictures also provide some more interesting insights. Obviously, the Green Arrow has recuperated and is getting back into action, while it also seems like we will get more flashbacks to the island. But, it looks like where ever he is, fire is on Queen's list of priorities.

Arrow returns to The CW on January 16th at 8pm ET.


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