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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Arrow Season 5.

There's a new team of vigilantes cleaning up the streets in Star City, and they aren't afraid to take on anyone. With the Green Arrow by their side, Team Arrow 2.0 were officially tested in last night's Arrow episode "A Matter Of Trust." And with that, we were finally allowed to see all of them in costume fore the very first time.

Not only does this mean that we got the chance to see four awesome kick some major ass, it also means that we now have the chance to compare these ass-kicking superheroes and their costumes to their comic book counterparts. Let's break down each vigilante's attire and see how they compare to their originals.

Wild Dog

Identical: Wild Dog's "Arrow" appearance is exactly like his comic book original. (DC/CW)
Identical: Wild Dog's "Arrow" appearance is exactly like his comic book original. (DC/CW)

Arrow's Wild Dog is the embodiment of a perfect live-action adaptation of a comic book character's look. It's all there — the trademark hockey mask, the blue and yellow jersey with the dog image on it, the brown straps and the camouflage pants. The costume designer did a tremendous job and they couldn't have gotten it any better if they tried. It literally looks like it was lifted from the pages of a DC comic book.

While the character's backstory is significantly different — he is named Rene Ramirez instead of Jack Wheeler — this outfit makes up for all of that. I was extremely excited to hear that a character as unpredictable as Wild Dog was coming to Arrow, and so far he has lived up to all those expectations, becoming the reason that this week's episode was titled "A Matter Of Trust." With this loose canon looking exactly like he does in the comics, I hope he sticks around permanently.


Different look, same badass attitude: Evelyn is looking "sharp" as Artemis. (WB/CW)
Different look, same badass attitude: Evelyn is looking "sharp" as Artemis. (WB/CW)

This is an interesting one because there isn't really a comic book original of this character. While Artemis Crock was indeed a comic book character known as Tigress, she was reintroduced to the world as Artemis the archer in the animated series Young Justice, becoming one of the show's most adored characters. Arrow took their character Evelyn Sharp and will be giving her the Artemis codename which makes us think that she will be an adaptation of the Young Justice character Artemis and not the comic book's Tigress

Actress Madison McLaughlin's costume is far from identical to Artemis's Young Justice attire, but it does have some similarities to be considered a worthy adaptation of the character. While the Young Justice version is much more heroic and revealing, Artemis's Arrow outfit is much more streetwise. McLaughlin's Evelyn Sharp wears a dark jacket and dark pants capable of making her fade into the shadows — like every vigilante on this show — but although a much darker shade, it's still green, paying tribute to the original.

Instead of the face-concealing mask with the large eye-holes, Sharp has gone for the much more subtle grease paint around her eyes, in the shape of an eyemask. But despite the differences in style — and hair color — Artemis's trademark long ponytail is intact in the Arrow version.

Artemis was a skilled archer in "Young Justice." (via WB)
Artemis was a skilled archer in "Young Justice." (via WB)

And while we have yet to see if Sharp will adopt her animated counterpart's archery skills or her comic book counterpart's sword skills, she has certainly become a streetwise vigilante worthy of the show.

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Mr. Terrific

Mr Terrific has finally arrived on "Arrow" and is looking awesome while doing it. (DC/CW)
Mr Terrific has finally arrived on "Arrow" and is looking awesome while doing it. (DC/CW)

While we had seen glimpses of Artemis and Wild Dog's costumes from trailers and set photos, it was "A Matter Of Trust" that finally gave us our first glimpse at Mr. Terrific. Arrow's adorkable Curtis Holt finally took up the mantle and went out into the field for the first time ever, helping to disable the Stardust dealer's device.

Once again, Curtis' costume is pretty loyal to the comic books, nearly identical to the Michael Holt version of the character. The character's famous afro was tightly pulled back, allowing him to completely resemble the comic book character, and that iconic T-shaped mask was on show for us all to see. Earlier in the episode, he mentioned his favorite wrestler "Mister Terrific" Terry Sloane — which happened to be the name of the original Mr. Terrific in the comics — as his inspiration and even wore the iconic Fairplay jacket synonymous with the comic book character.

While not yet adopting the beloved codename, Artemis jokingly alluded to it, calling him "Mr. Fairplay." It was awesome to see Curtis doing so much more this week, and it was equally as awesome to see him finally suited up in an incredibly loyal costume.


Definitely the most interesting of the new vigilantes, Rory Regan is the only survivor left from Havenrock after one of Damian Darhk's nuclear missiles wiped out the area when Felicity rerouted it to save millions of lives. He was spared when his father wrapped him in ancient mystical robes which saved his life. Honoring his father's memory, he has taken up crime-fighting in Star City using the mystical rags. He has become affectionately known as Ragman.

Ragman's costume is also very close to the comic book version, however there are a few differences. While he wears a hooded rag-like cape over his raggedy bodysuit in the comics, the Arrow version appears to wear a long raggedy robe with a trail down the back instead. The version's mask is also a lot more tattered looking than its comic book counterpart. In fact, Ragman's mask looks eerily similar to the mask of this season's big bad Prometheus.

Ragman attempts to avenge the loss of Havenrock. (via The CW)
Ragman attempts to avenge the loss of Havenrock. (via The CW)

All in all, it's actually a pretty neat redesign and it's very cool how the rags seemingly come from nowhere and attack upon Rory's command. Once again loyal to the comic books with its own unique quirks.

So with four amazing new vigilantes to keep us safe, it's no wonder that the reception towards Arrow's latest episodes have been positive. And not only are they a force to be reckoned with, they also look the part. Their costumes are all equally as great as their source material and although some may differ to a certain degree, they still manage to maintain the essence of their original comic book appearance. The new vigilantes are here to stay, and I'm very happy about that!

Check out the new Team Arrow attempt to stop the Green Arrow from breaking into a military prison next week:

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